Competent Kenya products is a website for online shopping, we exclusively sell construction products.

We make work easier for you by buying the products at your comfort zone. We guarantee our clients best quality and quantity of the products.

To be a leader in e-commerce (online shop) for construction products, make buying easier and better for everyone,

To give customers the most compelling online shopping experience possible.”

Our story is one of innovation and dedication to the people of Kenya. We recognized that the future of doing business is shifting away from traditional to an online shopping. Because of this shift, competent was formed and we aim to emerged as the leader in online marketing for the for the construction products. Our consultative sales approach, superior customer service on time delivery, quality products, and the desire to help customers get products at their comfort zone.
We target everyone in construction industry to be our client, from contractor’s, architects, project manager, site clerk foreman and any other person who is undertaking construction somewhere. We aim to operate in all parts of the country.